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Conservation Project Ideas
Camp Patiya - Colorado

September 2009

Projects are to be arranged with the chair of the Patiya Conservation Team.

Forestry & Range Management

Take one-half acre of forest and thin it for fire mitigation purposes. Pile the slash, and remove useable wood for other purposes. Remove mistletoe infected trees. Burn slash piles at appropriate time when snow depth is sufficient (permit needed).

Soil & Water Conservation

Create and install a suitable soil conservation plan that controls water flow during heavy run-off at all campsites.

Develop and implement a plan to control water flow and soil erosion at the campfire arena area.

Develop and implement a plan to control water flow and soil erosion from the roadway into the camp.

Develop and implement a plan to control water flow and soil erosion from the parking lot and county road.

Energy Conservation

Survey to determine where solar energy use would be feasible. Implement solar energy use in a least 5 locations.

Survey Camp Patiya to determine where timing devices on electrical items - mostly lighting - could be installed so electricity is not used when people are not present. Implement the findings by installing at least five energy saving devices.

Fish & Wildlife Management

Plan, construct and manage a bluebird house trail of a minimum of ten boxes for a 24-month period.

Create and publish an environmental nature guidebook for Camp Patiya.

Resource Recovery (Recycling)

Collect, cut to length, and haul forest mitigation by-product wood to be used as firewood. Make arrangements to deliver this wood to an Indian reservation (or similar location) to be used for home heating.

Survey and mark to be removed at least 100 small under story Douglas fir trees suitable for Christmas trees. Remove these trees and deliver to a pre-arranged social service agency for distribution to families in need.

Invasive Species Control

Survey Camp Patiya to determine the impact invasive species are having on the environment. Develop and implement a plan to remove invasive species from this location.

Construct and mount at least ten bat houses in an effort to control mosquitoes that might carry West Nile Disease.

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