Eagle Advancement

  • Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook – read and become familiar with the entire workbook prior to starting the documentation of your service project. Give a copy of the last two pages of the workbook (Navigating the Eagle Scout Service Project, Information for Project Beneficiaries) to your project beneficiary representative.
  • The Cache La Poudre District Eagle Advancement Committee prepared two supplementary documents to assist Scouts on the trail to their Eagle Scout Rank, and to assist unit leaders and parents in their support of these Scouts.
    • Eagle Scout Candidate’s Guidebook – everything a Scout needs to know about how to achieve the Eagle Scout Rank is in this guidebook. It contains detailed information on planning, developing, and organizing the Eagle Scout Service Project along with links to web resources, and helpful information on completing the Eagle Scout Rank Application and Eagle Scout Board of Review. The District Eagle Advancement Committee encourages units to present each Life Scout a hardcopy of this guidebook at the time he completes his board of review for Life Scout.
    • Guidelines and Helpful Hints for Unit Leaders, Life to Eagle Guidebook – this booklet focuses on the role and responsibilities of unit leaders to Scouts on the Trail to Eagle. It is intended for unit leaders, project coaches, and parents in preparing and assisting Scouts on their trail to the Eagle Scout Rank. Leaders will find various checklists used by the Eagle Advancement Committee and the Eagle Board of Review to ensure that all the materials needed by the various approval levels are present and complete.
  • The City of Fort Collins provides a list of potential Eagle Scout projects. If you are in search of an Eagle project, please look here.
  • Larimer County also provides a list of potential Eagle Scout projects tied to Operation Osprey. If you are in search of an Eagle project, please look here.
  • Remember to always comply with the BSA Youth Protection guidelines and take a buddy or parent to all your meetings, to include your meeting with the District Eagle Advancement representative.

District Eagle Chairman is Tom Noon; 970-472-1920