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Project SOAR - Save Our American Resources

Conservation and Community Projects

Over 600 SOAR projects have been done in the Longs Peak Council.

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Ideas For Conservation or Community Projects

Here are some suggestions from Scoutmasters of the Great Plains District.
  • Build a bluebird trail on the Platte River and the Wildcat Hills.
  • Build wood duck houses and place them along rivers, streams or lakes.
  • Field day at National Monument or Park.
    • Solar cooker demonstration.
    • Complete projects as suggested by park superintendent.
  • Make conservation posters for display at schools.
  • Obtain and have available National Wildlife Kits that would be used in a science class.
  • Have a half-day plant a tree day, (Arbor day - 4th Friday in April), in your community.
  • Have a power company employee explain energy conservation methods and carry out a project.
  • Collect papers or pop cans for recycling purposes.
  • Clean up a park.
  • Cut and sell firewood.
  • Build birdfeeders or have birdseed in bird feeders.
  • Preserve or develop wildlife nesting area.
  • Plant shrubs.
  • Repair washed out gulleys at Scout Camps, etc.
  • Repair fences or improve trails.
  • Clean up around State or County lakes or highways.
  • Learn about solar energy, synthetic fuels, or alcohol fuels.
  • Put insulation behind outlets and light switches.
  • Plant living snow fences.
  • Complete conservation projects at Camps in order to prevent erosion-tree planting and improve wildlife habitat.
  • Build quail or animal shelters.
  • Put in dams across trails to keep from washing.
  • Pick up cans and papers (trash) from parks
  • Help Game & Parks Commission in stocking fish.
  • Plant trees at lakes and parks for state or cities.
  • Scrap iron drive.
  • Your own idea?

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