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The New Internet Advancement

Online advancement entry is here! The Longs Peak Council is excited to announce that units can now use Internet Advancement to record their youth member advancements from any online location. This new method is easy, convenient, and accurate because YOU enter the information.

Note: Distribution of passwords, and the training on the use of the Internet Advancement, will be handled by each district.
Please watch for more information from your District Executives.

You will be able to:

  • Record youth awards, ranks, and merit badges.
  • Print a current unit roster from the BSA ScoutNET database. It will include the personal ID for each adult and youth member.
  • Print an Advancement Report which lists each youth member that has new ranks, merit badges, and awards. This is the official unit Advancement Report to be signed and submitted to the office.
  • Print other reports:
    • Unit Advancement Summary shows ranks, merit badges, and awards saved in each current member's record.
    • Unit Awards Summary lists the number of new ranks, merit badges, and awards by name as a shopping list.
    • Advancement Update Summary lists any ranks, merit badges, and awards that were already in the member record and were updated online.

Getting Started:

  • The council will provide each unit (pack, troop, crew, ...) with a new unit ID specifically for Online Advancement.
    (Note: This is different from the ID used for Internet Re-chartering or the ID/password used for Council/District web site private information access.)
  • Each Unit will assign an adult as "Advancement Processor". This person must have internet access and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • The Advancement Processor attends the roundtable training session.

To Use Internet Advancement:

  • Gather award and advancement information, including merit badge applications and advancement records with dates and signatures.
  • Click the Internet Advancement button above to bring up the BSA Internet Advancement site.
  • Follow the instructions to login, to process the awards and advancements, and to print the Advancement Report.
  • Have the appropriate people sign the printed Unit Advancement Report.
  • Save a copy for your files.
  • Submit the printed/signed Report to the council office to get the awards and badges.

Other Notes:

  • Only active units (no more than two months past its expiration date) may use this service.
  • Ranks must be recorded in the correct rank and date sequence.
  • The Eagle Scout rank cannot be entered by this process.
  • Nominated awards, such as those for meritorious action, and awards that are controlled by other organizations, such as religious emblems, cannot be entered by this process.
  • Units should submit monthly before the end of each month, or more often if needed.
  • In December, please submit a report before the end of the month to update your unit and council statistics.

More Information:

  • Training - District roundtables will feature orientation on Internet Advancement. Please have your Advancement Processor attend.
  • The Internet Advancement site has help information and a Frequently Asked Questions list - please review these.
  • If you have any questions or comments, contact the Longs Peak Council Office at 970-330-6305 or your local executive.
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